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Responsibility and quality for man and the sea

The oceans are the source of all life on earth. They are the largest ecosystems on earth, home of a huge diversity of species and it largely determine the weather and climate of the entire planet. In addition to the rain forests the oceans are the main source of oxygen. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide and methane are recycled to a large extent in the sea, both in water and in the sediments and organisms. When welearn to protect our common heritage through responsible action we will also be able to delight us in the future to its natural healing powers. Particularly the macroalgae - kelp - are rich in healing properties. They are also an important habitat for other animals and plants serving as protection and nutrition areas in large and vigorous stocks. For us, the plundering of natural resources is a "no go". For this reason oceanBASIS stands for the sustainable use of "blue pharmacy" and operates the first offshore algae farm in Germany. With this the wild stocks with their important ecological function are conserved.

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