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Natural sea cosmetics and environmental protection

Our extracts from marine raw materials are high quality products for further processing in the cosmetics and hair care industry. When carefully selecting preservatives we follow the guidelines for controlled natural cosmetics. Our cosmetic raw materials are NaTrue-certified and are therefore also suitable for the use in natural cosmetic products.

The raw materials of our natural extracts are sustainably harvested and gently processed without the use of harsh chemicals or heat, so as to preserve that utmost naturalness. 

The extracts Lamocrude'S and Lamowell'S obtained from the sugar kelp Saccharina latissima include the elemental force of this seaweed with valuable active ingredients for a healthy cell metabolism. The red algae extract Palmocrude'P from Palmaria palmata contains UV-protective amino acids, powerful antioxidants and stimulates the synthesis of cell matrix proteins. The algae for our extracts originate from sustainable aquaculture. For this, oceanBASIS operates two types of algae farms in the bay of Kiel for years (Ocean Actives Farming). Additional material comes from sustainable aquaculture in the cool waters of Scandinavia.

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Thorsten Walter
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Product Manager
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