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High-quality ingredients from the sea


Our competence is the sustainable use of marine resources for the development of marine active ingredients for the cosmetics and hair products industry. Primarily derived from algae our extracts provide excellent properties and compound combinations for the intensive care of demanding or sensitive skin.

An innovative new development is a collagen extracted from jellyfish. It maintains its native structure and an extraordinary water binding capacity to reduce the daily moisture loss of the skin.



Algae Farm
First offshore algae farm in Germany

Extracts as active ingredients for skin and hair care

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Active ingredients from algae


Natürliche Extrakte

Algenextrakt in der Produktion

"The raw materials of our natural extracts are sustainably harvested and gently processed to preserve a high degree of naturalness."

Thorsten Walter
(Dipl. Biol., Cell Biologis)
Product Manager
in the division "ocean actives"