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sea. The sea is the source of our inspiration and our products. It holds immense treasures of bioactive agents that we make available to the people, without damaging the habitat.


science. The research and development of marine resources for the health and well-being is our priority and is focused on natural and environmentally friendly products.


solutions. Solutions to the problems of our time, a return to the values ​​of nature and protection of the ecosystems of the sea are at the center of our efforts.

On this website we present our three business segments:

  • ocean actives
    bioactive extracts, sustainably derived from marine organisms for cosmetics and hair care products, as well as the cultivation of Laminaria saccharina in the first offshore algae farm Germany

ocean food:
Gesunde Nahrung aus dem Meer für den Einsatz in der Lebensmittelindustrie

Saturday, 05. December 2020

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