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What has happened...


  • Nomination of Biomarine Cellsupport for the SPA Diamond Award
  • Launch of the internet shop „meeresgarten.com“
  • Start of R&D project „SunTec“; the aim is a sun protection product from algae
  • Pyari Cordero supports the Oceanwell sales team


  • Launch of Biomarine Cellsupport-Line
  • establishment of the business division "ocean food"
  • Launch of the brand "Meeresgarten" with seaweed food products
  • Start of the Oceanwell campaign „Protect the Ocean“
  • oceanBASIS r&D project „Würzemembran“


  • Spin-off of algae and mussel farm „Kieler Meeresfarm“, which wins the start-up competition "Gründercup" off the cuff
  • Relaunch of Oceanwell e-shop and Oceanwell Homepage
  • Heidi Welz supports the Oceanwell sales team


  • Extension of warehouse capacity
  • oceanBASIS receives funding for the R&D project "Algenwürze“


  • Launch of OceanCollagen ProAge Line
  • OceanCollagen wins the Spa Diamond Award 2012 „Green Innovation“
  • OceanCollagen wins the BSB Innovation Price as „most innovative natural product“ in Barcelona


  • Innovation and Sustainability Award of the Green Party
  • oceanBASIS supports the German women sailing team of the Platu25 class


  • oceanBASIS receives the NaTrue-Label for the algae extracts
  • Applying the organic label by EU Organic Regulation for oceanBASIS algae and mussel farm
  • Start the Verbund project "Algae Against Cancer"
  • CRM is a founding member in Nordverbund Marine Biotechnology
  • Establishment of the first mussel farm in the Baltic Sea for 100 years.
  • BSB Innovation Prize for the product "Qollagen"
  • Kirsten Gnutzmann takes over distribution of Oceanwell
  • Manufacturing Process for all Oceanwell products
  • Development of a wound therapeutic prototypes based on marine collagen


  • Start the Professional.Line of Oceanwell
  • It find applications held at Ocean Wellness Institute. Kirsten Gnutzmann (Kosmetikinstitut kosmar) makes wellness and beauty treatments with Oceanwell products and are training for products.
  • oceanBASIS accommodates 6,000 square meters, a new algae / shellfish Farm with longlines technique before Kiel-Pries in operation
  • Beginning of the EU project ECOSMA for certification of marine aquaculture products
  • Development of a wound therapeutic prototypes based on collagen Marinem


  • O'Well - Ocean Spa will oceanBASIS
  • Launch of certified natural cosmetics Oceanwell Basic.Line
  • O'Well remains as fragrance-free med-series
  • Enlargement of the algae farm area
  • completely new website
  • Development of a wound therapeutic prototypes based on collagen Marinem


  • Use of a new algae farm equipment: pilot plant of floating algae module is integrated into the Kiel Fjord as polyculture in a salmon trout
  • Strategic division into three divisions:
    • „ocean actives“
      (extracts from marine organisms for the cosmetics and hair care industry)
    • „ocean biotech“
      (research and development of medical devices and marine active ingredients)
    • „ocean cosmetics“
      (sea eskosmetik- and spa products)


  • Product Innovation: Alcoholic beverage based on algae goes as "algae wine" nationwide through the media
  • Reinforcement of the sales team by Regine Diekmann (sales manager cosmetics)
  • Research project with the University Hospital Schleswig-Holstein for decryption of active ingredients from algae to treat cancer and viral diseases


  • Worldwide extract business through partners with other algae extracts
  • April: Dr. Inez Linke is the "visionaries businesswoman" Schleswig-Holstein under the CCI festivals Vision S.-H. excellent
  • Clinical study in atopic -Ambulanz at the University Hospital Kiel with "Baltic Care °" with positive results, in particular, reduce the severity of atopic dermatitis
  • "Baltic Care °" is available in German pharmacies.


  • A natural product chemists joins the team of O'Well
  • Research on new extraction techniques and effects of ingredients
  • Development of new algae extracts
  • Research on marine collagens with the Molecular Biology Institute at the University of Lübeck for use in regenerative medicine (eg a cartilage replacement)


  • New branch of "Baltic Care °" with natural fragrance
  • nationwide market development
  • Opening of the training and application Studios "Ocean Wellness Institute"
  • Seminars and workshops on marine active ingredients and in the wellness and beauty area
  • October Research on collagens of invertebrate marine organisms, together with the University of Lübeck (funded by the Ministry of Economy of the Land Schleswig-Holstein) for use in cosmetics and pharmacy

from 2002

  • Three-year research project with the Institute of Oceanography, Kiel to antibacterial effects of substances from sponges, bacteria and algae - different Laminaria extracts show potent inhibitory effects against medically relevant bacteria (eg "hospital germs")
  • The first large algae harvest is celebrated with a seaweed Thanksgiving


  • Algae Farm is increased to 4000 square meters and developed cultivation techniques (with the support of the Ministry of Rural Schleswig-Holstein spaces and the German Federal Environmental Foundation)
  • Product range of "Baltic Care °" is extended
  • Launch in beauty salons and wellness center in Schleswig-Holstein
  • Opening of the sales channel Internet shop
  • The team led by O'Well is extended by a beautician


  • Establishing the O'Well GbR by Dr. L. Piker; The objective is the development and marketing of marine natural products
  • Establishing the O'Well - Ocean Wellness GmbH with Christian Koch, Dr. Inez Linke and Dr. Levent Piker as managing partners
  • The first products of marine cosmetics series "Baltic Care °" in collaboration with pharmacists and beauticians
  • Launch the Vital Centre in Damp on the Baltic Sea
  • Establishing the O'Well GbR by Dr. Levent Piker. The objective is the development and commercialization of marine natural products
  • Development of extraction technique to the valuable contents of Laminaria - winning algae gently and without loss of bioactivity


  • Development of the first algae farm with the most nature-rich brown seaweed <dfn title="Laminaria saccharina is the scientific name of Zuckertangs, a brown alga" style="margin: 0px; padding: 0px; border-bottom-width: 1px; border-bottom-style: dotted; border-bottom-color: black; cursor: help; font-size: 11.5304px; ">Laminaria saccharina</dfn> in the Kiel Fjord; in an environmentally friendly cultivation, the algae are first used in the laboratory to Ansaatleinen and then discharged into the Baltic Sea
  • July: terms of office and laboratory space in Kiel-Holtenau on the "Waterkant" in the immediate vicinity of the lighthouse Holtenau


  • Research for the cultivation of Laminaria saccharina , a native Seaweed
  • Research Award of the magazine "mare" for innovative and sustainable approach: The Algenfarming is accompanied by many positive effects on the marine environment and thus differs substantially from most forms of aquaculture. Thus it could be demonstrated in a study for the German environmental foundation that Algenfarming with Laminaria enhances biodiversity, which extracts carbon dioxide atmosphere and thus counteracts global warming. In addition, the Algenfarming promotes self-cleaning power of the sea, by converting its excess nutrients and supplies in return the sea with oxygen. This form of marine exploitation takes conscious only what was previously planted. This principle of sustainability, the Algenfarming of O'Well differs fundamentally from the fishing out of Tangen natural resources, destroys important habitats worldwide.

since 1996

  • Various research projects on fisheries and aquaculture in Germany, Israel, Chile, Indonesia, France and in Greenland, for example, in 1998 EU project AQUATOXSAL in southern Chile to develop sustainable aquaculture (salmon); the developed criteria and management measures since 2004 part of the aquaculture environmental policy of the Chilean Ministry of Fisheries


  • Studies on Baggergutverbringungen (Hafenschlickverklappung) for the state of Schleswig-Holstein


  • Three marine scientists (Dr. Susanne Heise, Dr. Peter Krost, Dr. Levent Piker) and an engineer (Christian Koch) establish CRM - Coastal Research & Management, a private institute for marine research and environmental studies for ports, tourism, shipyards and the public sector. The aim is the sustainable use of coastal regions. For this purpose, created concepts for sustainable coastal management in the following years until today
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