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Climate change, overfishing, medicine and energy from the sea - the sea is increasingly the focus of public interest. 

Our society increasingly depends on its interaction with the sea.

Therefore, the transmission of a sound knowledge about the marine and maritime context is an important task. This can only be a part of our his work. There are the professionals of information transmission - the journalists - that make this job. You need reliable information. At you this section of our Internet presence is addressed.

oceanBASIS collects a variety of information relating to sea due to its intensive and longstanding work with the sea and its organisms. We put at your disposal here. 

Although we endeavor to keep the information as complete and current as possible, it may be that we are the noble journalistic claims do not meet with the presented text and photos. Please contact us then by E-Mail or phone (0431-3645-881).

We are happy to provide information on further information and useful contacts.

Saturday, 05. December 2020

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